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CommuniQué is a large Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file (generally from 15 to 20 MB). It may take a long time to download, depending on the speed of your Internet connection (It will probably take 1 to 2 minutes on a high-speed cable connection). You must also have Adobe Acrobat Reader (or equivalent) installed on your PC to view the CommuniQué.  

Windows users:
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CommuniQué on your hard drive now and read it later, right click on the entry below, click on Save Target As..., and specify a folder to save it in.


To provide material for inclusion in the CommuniQué, e-mail SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS THE 15TH OF THE PRECEDING MONTH.

COMMUNIQUE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: If you are submitting articles or photographs to the CommuniQue office, there are some guidelines that should be used to facilitate that process.

To advertise in the CommuniQué, call (940) 665-4275 or e-mail  Advertising reservations are accepted from the 1st through the 15th for the next month's publication.  AD SPACE IS LIMITED, SO PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

All other correspondence, please e-mail The aforementioned deadlines apply. 

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